As the fastest and secure web hosting in Ghana, we try our best to ensure our customers have adequate resources at their disposal to smoothing their processes with us her at kingscel. From signup to installing WordPress smoothly.

Note: If you have little or no idea about the difference between shared vs cloud vs VPS vs Dedicated

What is the Best Web Hosting In Ghana? How to Signup!

In this article, we demonstrate the step by step process on how new clients or customers can signup with us.

You can either watch video or follow the article below to learn how to sign up.

Choose Hosting Package

  1. Select your preferred hosting package. We recommend the Ultimate package as this helps you save a lot as compared to other packages and includes all features.

Wordpress Hosting in Ghana 2020

Choose Domain

 2. On the next page, 

  • Input your preferred domain 
  • Select your preferred extension(.com, .net. org etc)
  • Click on the check button(this checks the WHOIS Database to see if someone already registered that particular domain ) if it says “available” then you can go ahead but if unavailable then its already taken.
  • Click on continue 

Web Hosting in Ghana

Configure Hosting

3. Next, Make sure to select 12 month(1year) billing cycle subscription in order to get free domain and discount then continue

Best Web Hosting in Ghana 2020

Domain Configuration

4. Next, On this page, i recommend selecting ID protection(optional). ID protection helps reduce you getting spam emails because your registration details like name, address and email are made public (WHOIS database)  therefore people might fetch your details especially your email and they will be sending spam emails to you.

ID protection hides this personal information from them in the WHOIS database. DNS management is more like hosting your DNS on a premium DNS service which is outside our network. I do not recommend since our network is fine and you do get speed and security on a breeze with no hustle.

Review and Checkout

5. Next, on the cart page, you will realize that the free domain has been applied. You can input the discount code : KINGS20 in the promo box then click “validate code” before clicking checkout button. Your domain is forever free! no hustle on renewal and definitely no extra charges as well. Pay for what you see only. This promo indeed makes us unique in web hosting in Ghana.


6. Kindly fill out all details to proceed. make sure your email address especially is correct because you will have to verify. All required information must be provided in order to proceed. Please make sure you are not on a VPN service as your IP address is been logged and for that matter, the system crosschecks your ip address with your address.

If they do not match the system will mark your order as fraud and therefore your order will not even go through.

It will be canceled automatically. Please make sure to provide the correct information before proceeding.

Choose Payment Method

8. Select prefered payment method. This will take you to a page to complete payment. Make sure to check the “I have read and agree to terms of service” before completing order. However, if you wish to pay with paypal or coinbase (bitcoin) you will need to change or switch currency to USD in order to proceed.

Complete Payment

9. This is the payment page where you can choose to pay with visa/mastercard or mobile money. Please follow the instructions and right after payment is completed your account will be provisioned instantly. We are one of the few web hosting in Ghana with automated account provisioning. 🙂

Best WordPress Web Hosting in Ghana

10. That’s it! You can now visit your client area or dashboard to manage your hosting and domain. In here you can

  • purchase additional domains and hosting accounts
  • add funds to your wallet anytime
  • open a support ticket for any help you need
  • view and pay invoices
  •  etc

Great! you are all set up. If in the process you do have questions, we are always available to be of help to you. Shoot us a ticket, talk to us on live chat or send us a whatsapp: +233240831156. Experience fastest and secure cloud web hosting in Ghana like never before!

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