How to setup wordpress staging environment
April 13, 2019

Many users or wordpress site adminisrators/owners would like to make changes or modifications to their wordpress site wihout visitors not seeing changes until site is pushed to live. Here the ...

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How to clean hacked wordpress site
May 13, 2019

How to clean hacked wordpress site There is nothing more frustrating having a hacked WordPress website and not knowing where to turn.A lot of companies in the hosting industry will simply...

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How to hide wordpress username from hackers
July 23, 2019

Hide wordpress username.Over the years many WordPress websites have been hacked and most users complain they set "not-an-easy-to-guess" usernames and passwords which is indeed true, they d...

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How to Enable Object Caching on Wordpress
November 21, 2019

What is Object Caching? An object cache stores the results of frequent database queries in a way that makes them easy to retrieve and eliminates the need for repeated access to the database. ...

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