Afrosages emerges

Afrosages Emerging

AFROSAGES emerging a social media marketing firm with focus on promoting amazing businesses with the use of their website and social media handles gave featured KINGSCEL in their Emerging Business segment.

Emerging Business is a proprietary concept by the managing partners of AFROSAGES whose aim is to ensure start-ups and SMEs tap into the numerous sales and marketing opportunities of the social media platforms by not seeing just likes, follows and engagements from their audience but as customers they need interact with by creating content that is captivating and engaging.

AFROSAGES highlights the features, advantages and benefits (FABs) of signing up for A Kingscel Hosting service. A detailed insight about the products, services and solutions were listed in there. The publication takes the reader through all the comparatives of using cloud hosting as compared to a shared/dedicated hosting server providers.

A proud and delighted customer of KINGSCEL, they have become self appointed ambassadors of the KINGSCEL brand and urging everyone to switch to KINGSCEL; being very loud on their Twitter and Facebook Pages about the awesome experience of signing up to KINGSCEL for a guaranteed speed, secure and optimized cloud hosting service.

Do you want people to know about your social media presence, want your brand to be known and published to a wider audience to maximize your conversion rates online?


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