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How to Backup Wordpress Sites to the Cloud for Free
May 10, 2020

Why take Backups of your website? Backups are highly essential in web hosting. As a website owner or web designer, you must at all times have at least 2-3 different backups. Depending on your web host's backups alone is not enough and highly advise against that. Taking backups has been made simpler over time and now you can conveniently backup wordpress sites to the cloud for free(Automated).How to Backup wordpress site I assume if you are...

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What to look out for when choosing a web host?
May 4, 2020

What to look out for when choosing a web host? Many people focus too much on storage and bandwidth alone in choosing a web host which i believe is wrong to do so. YES, of course, you need to know the storage and bandwidth but that should be the least of your worries. Below i list a few technical details you need to know when choosing a web host:Inode limit : if you are going in for shared hosting, this should definitely be your first...

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How to setup wordpress
April 20, 2020

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world and powers over 60% of websites on the internet. It levels the playing field amongst entrepreneurs as it allows complete newbies the ability to setup a professional-looking website in a matter of minutes. No coding required.WordPress On The Cloud In 2020, gone are the days of having a traditional "old school" dedicated server. Our cloud servers are 100% optimized for...

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Best Web Hosting In Ghana 2020, How to Signup!
April 17, 2020

As the Best web hosting in Ghana 2020, we try our best to ensure our customers have adequate resources at their disposal to smoothing their processes with us her at kingscel. From signup to installing WordPress smoothly.What is the Best Web Hosting In Ghana 2020? How to Signup! In this article, we demonstrate the step by step process on how new clients or customers can signup with us. You can either watch video or follow the article below to...

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How to Enable Object Caching on Wordpress
November 21, 2019

What is Object Caching? An object cache stores the results of frequent database queries in a way that makes them easy to retrieve and eliminates the need for repeated access to the database. Simply say, it stores database results so that the system doesn’t have to process the same queries over and over again. This is particularly useful for database heavy applications like WordPress.  Object caching greatly reduces the time it takes to retrieve...

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How to hide wordpress username from hackers
July 23, 2019

Hide wordpress username. Over the years many WordPress websites have been hacked and most users complain they set "not-an-easy-to-guess" usernames and passwords which is indeed true, they did set such strong usernames but the question they forget to ask themselves after is "can the hackers find my username?". YES!!!, they 100% can if you don't take necessary precautions after setting up or installing wordpress. We have prepared this blog especially...

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KINGSCEL gets featured on AFROSAGES Emerging Business Segment
June 29, 2019

Afrosages Emerging AFROSAGES emerging a social media marketing firm with focus on promoting amazing businesses with the use of their website and social media handles gave featured KINGSCEL in their Emerging Business segment.Emerging Business is a proprietary concept by the managing partners of AFROSAGES whose aim is to ensure start-ups and SMEs tap into the numerous sales and marketing opportunities of the social media platforms by not seeing...

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How to clean hacked wordpress site
May 13, 2019

How to clean hacked wordpress site There is nothing more frustrating having a hacked WordPress website and not knowing where to turn. A lot of companies in the hosting industry will simply suspend the account and tell the customer to "fix it." In my opinion that only makes a bad decision worse. Here at KINGSCEL we try to help our customers that face this unfortunate situation as much as we can so they can return to business as usual as quickly as...

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How to setup wordpress staging environment
April 13, 2019

Many users or wordpress site adminisrators/owners would like to make changes or modifications to their wordpress site wihout visitors not seeing changes until site is pushed to live. Here the steps to take to get it done. 1.Create The Wordpress Staging Environment Login to your cpanel account(, locate wordpress from softaculous app installer.This will bring you to your wordpress installation in softaculous,...

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How To Integrate Your Website With Cloudflare without changing nameservers
April 9, 2019

Before we begin, it's important to understand the difference between a Partial vs. Full Integration with Cloudflare.In short, a Partial integration uses your current name servers at KINGSCEL, i.e and, while a full one requires you change your name servers to Cloudflare's.If you decide to go with the full integration, unfortunately, our team won't be able to support it, since we cannot access your...

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