Securing websites has and will always be one of our key principles we stand by which differentiates us from the competition. Websites especially WordPress sites receive several attacks on our network daily but due to Imunify360, our customers are not interrupted in any way. Each day every website on our server gets a thorough scan by this security tool.

What is Imunify360?

Imunify360 is a next-generation security solution that uses herd immunity and the six-layer approach to provide total protection to our hosting customers with the highest level of security from all sorts of malicious attacks. It is a solution built by the awesome team at cloudlinux


The Six-Layer Approach

  • Automated real-time malware scanning and cleanup : Imunify360 automatically scans file systems for malware injection and quarantines infected files.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System : provides excellent visibility of website security by monitoring server logs. It scans log files from all different angles and bans IPs that show malicious signs, such as password failures, potential exploits, etc. It helps protect your server from attacks.
  • Advanced Firewall : uses cloud heuristics and artificial intelligence to detect new threats and protect all websites that are hostedon our servers. The firewall is capable of defending against brute force attacks, DoS attacks, and port scans. The firewall tightly integrates with mod_security web application firewalls to dramatically enhance its usefulness.
  • Proactive Defense : Imunify360’s Proactive Defense (previously known as Sandboxing) protects websites against zero-day attacks – it stops even the malware that no scanner is able to detect. It identifies attacks on your websites in real-time, then blocks potentially malicious executions automatically and with zero latency. Proactive Defense uses a unique method of identifying security risks – it analyzes what scripts do rather than what is actually in the code.
  • Patch Management : This involves rebootless secure kernel and php hardening. Rebootless Secure Kernel powered by KernelCare is a component that keeps ours ervers secure by automatically patching kernels without having to reboot the server. Its agent checks for new patches every four hours and automatically applies them to the running servers without any performance impact. Hardened PHP is a component that ensures our web server security by patching all PHP versions against known vulnerabilities, allowing you to run any version of PHP without having to update programs to accommodate newer versions.
  • Website Reputation Monitoring: We analyze if your domains are blocked by any blacklists and notify you if they are. Your site reputation is very important. For example, if you are added to the Google blacklist as a site that distributes malware, you will be excluded from Google search results, which can be devastating for business. If you get on an RBL list as a spammer, your emails to customers might not be delivered. If you don’t proactively monitor your website’s reputation, you might not find out about blacklisting for weeks or even months, at which point the problem could become ruinous.

How does Imunify360 protect my website?

Every WordPress website on the internet receives lots of attacks on a daily basis. The issue with using Content Management Systems like wordpress is that, the application must be updated frequently as attackers are always finding new ways of attacking these applications. Attacks like brute force, DDOS etc are most common attacks we see these days. If your website develops bugs or a vulnerability and you fail to update them then you make yourself vulnerable and an easy target for the attackers.

With Imunify360, we scan every website each day for vulnerabilities and changes in file contents. By using multiple layers of security, our servers are able to stop attacks more quickly, even when no updates are available yet to your application. This makes our servers extra secure and reduces the chance of getting hacked. Because of this, you do not have to worry about hacked applications as our servers are more secure by default.