Why take Backups of your website?

Backups are highly essential in web hosting. As a website owner or web designer, you must at all times have at least 2-3 different backups. Depending on your web host’s backups alone is not enough and highly advise against that. Taking backups has been made simpler over time and now you can conveniently backup wordpress sites to the cloud for free(Automated).

How to Backup wordpress site

I assume if you are reading this then you already know how to setup WordPress. I will be using Updraftplus plugin and Dropbox. You can checkout our web hosting packages if you need to change your host or need one.

To backup wordpress,

  • Navigate to plugins>>Add new.
  • In the search bar input updraftplus and wait a second for the search results to pop up.
  • Click install.
  • Click activate.

Backup wordpress

Congratulations! you have now successfully installed updraftplus plugin. To configure the plugin, we have made a step by step guide in the video below. Enjoy. 

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